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Meet our Team

Peter Maillet
Associate Dean for Global Affairs; Director, Center for Global Commerce; Professor of Commerce, General Faculty
+1 434-243-2290

As Associate Dean for Global Affairs and Director of the Center for Global Commerce, Peter Maillet oversees McIntire's undergraduate and graduate international programs.  He also teaches Foundations in Global Commerce in the M.S. Commerce Program as well as Global Finance for fourth-year undergraduates. Earlier in his career, Associate Dean Maillet lived in Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Singapore for 10 years. He continues to frequently travel internationally in his current role.

Christopher Wilcox Elliott
Assistant Dean of Global Affairs
+1 434-924-6897

In his role as the Assistant Dean of Global Affairs, Chris Wilcox Elliott provides administrative oversight of McIntire's undergraduate programs abroad and support programs for international students in the School. He has led student programs through China, Southeast Asia, and Europe, and looks forward to continuing to expand UVA and McIntire's international footprint. With a Ph.D. in Social and Cultural Foundation of Education, Assistant Dean Wilcox Elliott also teaches a course each semester titled Business & Culture in the United States, designed for international students and non-native speakers of English at McIntire.

Ellen Rozan
Director of Global Programs
+1 434-982-6197

In her role as the Director of Global Programs, Ellen Rozan is responsible for global program development and administration in the Graduate Programs area. She manages graduate study abroad and international academic programs, including the Global Immersion Experience for the M.S. in Commerce program. Ms. Rozan joins the leadership team for one GIE track each year and has traveled with McIntire groups to Southeast Asia, Europe, and the Middle East and India. Having studied languages and foreign affairs as an Echols Scholar at the University of Virginia, she enjoys exploring other cultures and creating global opportunities for McIntire’s graduate student population. 

Darci Spuck
Director of Global Alumni & Friends Engagement
+1 434-982-2668

As Director of Global Alumni, Parents & Friends Engagement, Ms. Spuck works to help lead the planning and implementation of a sustained, integrative, and comprehensive global strategy for the School through the Center for Global Commerce. She looks for opportunities to enrich the global academic experience of McIntire students while building mutually beneficial relationships with alumni, parents, and friends around the world. Although much of her work focuses on stakeholders outside of the United States, she works to connect globally focused alumni, parents, students, and friends in the United States to McIntire's global offerings. Having developed UVA's international alumni and parent engagement program, she will continue to serve as an important resource in support of pan-University global efforts. Ms. Spuck has traveled for UVA and McIntire programs to several locations in the Americas, Asia, the Caribbean, the Middle East, and Europe and looks forward to meeting you when she visits your community.

Danny Steeper
Associate Dean for Student Services and Academic Operations
+1 434-243-4991

Danny Steeper works directly with the M.S. in Commerce Program and the Global Immersion Experience (GIE), coordinated as part of the program's curriculum. In addition to facilitating the operations and logistics for GIE, Associate Dean Steeper coordinates all the academic administration for graduate-level courses involving global commerce and associated international travel experiences. He also travels regularly as part of the faculty and staff teams that lead GIE.

Angie Turner
Assistant Director of Global Programs
+1 434-924-4498

Angie Turner, Assistant Director for Global Programs, has been a member of the McIntire Student Services team for 14 years. She works closely with Commerce students to market international educational opportunities. She provides support and advises students seeking the global experience. Assistant Director Turner maintains positive relationships with international partner schools, most of which she has visited. Another area of expertise is facilitating donor-funded international scholarship opportunities for Commerce students. In addition to her work with Commerce students, she is the primary contact for incoming exchange students to McIntire, providing support for course enrollment, housing, and visas and planning social activities outside the classroom.