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Diversity at McIntire

The McIntire community is one of the most diverse on Grounds, with faculty and students who represent a diversity of races, genders, cultures, ideas, and backgrounds. The best business plans flourish when good people, ideas, and differences intersect, and that is what happens at McIntire. The McIntire School of Commerce continues its steadfast devotion to programs that promote diversity within classrooms, among students and faculty, and in research; we constantly strive to increase the diversity of our student body and faculty and to promote a culture of community and mutual respect.

McIntire's diversity initiatives—from recruitment programs, to minority scholarships and peer mentoring—are ingredients in our success. By partnering with companies like Alcoa, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Ernst & Young, which already have strong diversity programs in place, McIntire has been able to build on industry best practices to create programs that support and enhance our diversity efforts. And we use the considerable influence of our many minority alumni to convey the richness of the McIntire experience.

Twenty-first century business calls for united ideas and purpose, informed by our differences, McIntire strives to create a community of inclusion built upon differences.

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