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Fundraising Policies

Student organizations affiliated with the McIntire School are encouraged to use entrepreneurial skills to raise funds for their own group's activities. Organizations must comply with the University fundraising guidelines and the McIntire School fundraising policy. 

Corporate Fundraising Policy

Upon securing a commitment from a company to sponsor an event or activity, student organizations should immediately inform Allison Teweles, Assistant Dean for Corporate & Foundation Relations, of the amount and nature of the sponsorship so that the McIntire corporate relations office can invoice the company and steward the partnership. Failure to inform the Corporate Relations Office of corporate sponsorships will lead to a delay in receiving sponsorship funding.

Once the corporate-sponsored event or activity has taken place, leaders of the student organization should send personalized thank-you notes to the sponsor.  A thank-you note template is located here.

General Fundraising Policy

The McIntire School has adopted the following policy to govern events to be held in Rouss & Robertson Halls:

  • All fundraising events will be held in compliance with the applicable University policies and regulations, particularly the "University of Virginia Policy on Fundraising Projects by Student Organizations on University Grounds" and "University of Virginia Policy for the Use of the University Name, Trademarks, Service Marks, Seals, Logos, and Other Indicia on Products." 
  • The McIntire Student Life staff will determine approval or rejection of fundraising events. Approval will be granted only to student organizations that directly support the academic mission of the McIntire School. A fundraising project will not be approved if the event is considered inconsistent with the educational mission of the McIntire School and/or disruptive to the School's normal activities.
  • The location of a student organization fundraiser must be approved by the Student Life staff.
  • Fundraising projects must be of limited duration and not carried out as an ongoing activity. The specific date and duration of an event, as requested on the "Student Organization Fundraising Project Approval Form" (found on The McIntire Student Organization's Collab site), may or may not be granted based on the judgment of the Student Life staff.
  • All requests should be submitted to the Associate Director of Student Life no later than one week before the proposed date of the event. Action will be taken within five working days, with decisions being communicated through a copy of the approval form.