Auditorium in Rouss and Robertson Hall

Reserve a Room

Classroom Reservation Policies and Procedures for Student Organizations 

Only Commerce-related student organizations are allowed to request a classroom reservation in Rouss & Robertson Halls.

Before reserving an event, please be mindful of the following:

1. Avoid conflicts when scheduling your events and be respectful of the employers with whom you're working.

When scheduling dates/times for presentations that involve employers, double-check your dates against the Commerce Career Services Portal and Handshake. This helps to avoid time conflicts with employer events and allows you to see when may be the best time to get the most students to attend your event.

If you have a question about bringing an employer on Grounds, contact Mary Riner in Commerce Career Services.

2. Reserve your room in advance.

Student organizations need to request a room for events and meetings at least one week in advance. Student organizations that do not request rooms a full week in advance are not guaranteed a space. 

The Student Organization Suite and Conference Room (Rouss & Robertson Halls, Rooms 140 and 138, respectively) are restricted by card access to McIntire student organization officers of Commerce-related student organizations or special-status groups and are for organization-related purposes only. Members/officers are not allowed to meet in this room for class projects or other non-club related events.

3. Be mindful of the time/day restrictions of your event or meeting.

  • All events MUST end by 9 p.m. if held in a classroom. This policy will be strictly enforced, as the classrooms will be closed for cleaning at 9 p.m.
  • Classrooms are available for use Monday-Friday; NO weekend classroom reservations will be accepted. Friday events must end by 6 p.m.
  • Student organizations may not reserve the Capital Markets Room (Room 317B) and Trading Room Floor (Room 317A).
  • With the exception of Fridays, student organizations may not schedule events in classrooms during daytime classes.
  • Rooms 120 and 123 are not available until 7 p.m. on Monday and Tuesday nights due to ICE evening seminars.

4. Be a good steward of your community's facilities.

If your group is hosting an event with a reception before or after, you may place the long oak tables in the hallways on the second floor outside of the classroom you have reserved and use them when serving food. If you are serving food, please clean up after yourselves. Make sure all food boxes go into trash bags. Please do not leave trash in or outside of the classrooms. When your event is over, please make sure the room is clean and empty. Please notify the Help Desk after each event so that staff can power down the technology and ensure that the doors are locked. 

Reserve a Room

Student Organization Event Calendar/Room Reservation
Students should use the link below to submit a new event. Remember, all student organization room requests must be made through each organization's account, not an individual account. Requests will be approved by a member of the Student Services Office. Please check out this instruction guide from the Help Desk for step-by-step instructions on reserving spaces. For questions, please contact Julia Hilkey.