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Accounting Concentration

McIntire's accounting program, which helps students develop financial expertise, is widely recognized as one of the country’s best. Building on the broad liberal arts background acquired during a student’s first two years at the University, the program is designed to give the student both a sound general business foundation and the analytical and conceptual skills essential to an understanding of current accounting practices. Students learn to analyze and provide quantitative information essential to decision making and creative problem solving in the business world. The program's highly sought-after graduates work as business consultants, financial managers, independent auditors, and tax advisers.



The School's undergraduate curriculum provides many of the accounting courses typically required by state licensing boards, and serves as an outstanding preparation for students who wish to take the CPA exam. Because most states now require 150 credit hours of college-level courses, many of our undergraduate students who wish to become CPAs stay on for our highly regarded graduate program in accounting. 

Why Choose Accounting?

Although accounting does involve crunching numbers to an extent, it is nowhere near as mundane as its stereotype of bean-counting, calculator-driven, pocket-protecting employees. Quite conversely, accountants are key players in strategic business decisions. Not only must accountants collect and compile the company’s financial information, but they are also asked to analyze and assess the company’s performance, provide suggestions for improvement, and develop future expectations based on the business environment.

Now is a great time to enter the accounting profession. With the introduction of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and the increased importance placed on quality reporting, accounting services and qualified candidates are in high demand. In addition, students just now entering the accounting profession will experience and influence significant changes in accounting rules, regulations, and application for the future. The globalization of the economy is driving change and creating international opportunities for accounting professionals. Students choose careers in accounting because they provide great platforms for launching any career. Employees with a thorough understanding of accounting systems are necessary for any company to succeed.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Accounting area is to create and disseminate knowledge of the accounting discipline within the mission of the McIntire School of Commerce. This includes:
  • Expanding and creating knowledge through scholarship of theoretical and practical impact 
  • Communicating knowledge of the accounting discipline through teaching undergraduate and graduate students and interacting with the external business and policy-making communities
  • Encouraging ethical practice of accounting
  • Serving the business, financial, governmental and professional communities