Undergraduate studnets in orientation

Academic Program

Third Year
COMM 3110 Intermediate Accounting I
COMM 3120 Intermediate Accounting II

Fourth Year

Select an additional 6 credits from the following list:
COMM 4150 Introductory Auditing
COMM 4450 Federal Taxation
COMM 5110 Financial Statement Analysis
COMM 5130 Advanced Financial Accounting
COMM 5140 Strategic Cost Management
COMM 5460 Taxes and Business Strategy
COMM 5510 GCI: Sustainability Reporting and Assurance - Western Europe
COMM 5559 Government & Non-Profit Accounting (1.5 credits)

Course offerings are subject to change each semester.

McIntire students may apply to the M.S. in Accounting Program in their fourth year. Grades and other application materials will be reviewed. The GMAT is not required for Commerce student applicants. To learn more, contact Cathy Fox, Director of Graduate Admissions and Financial Aid, at cjf3d@virginia.edu.

CPA Considerations

Students planning to sit for the CPA Exam in Virginia should plan to take 30 credits of accounting classes (including COMM 2010 and 2020). Most states require 150 credits, of which 30 credits need to be Accounting courses.  Students are responsible for researching CPA requirements in their state.

The information contained on this website is for informational purposes only. The Undergraduate Record and Graduate Record, found at the UVA University Registrar website, represent the official repository for academic program requirements.