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Business Analytics Track

What Is a Track?

A track is a specialty area of study for undergraduate students enrolled in the McIntire School of Commerce crossing over multiple concentration areas. Courses taken to satisfy track requirements can also be used to satisfy concentration requirements. Commerce students may complete up to two tracks if course scheduling allows this flexibility. Due to resources, the McIntire School cannot guarantee the fulfillment of tracks.




The Business Analytics Track is designed to provide students with broad, interdisciplinary knowledge and skills that help managers leverage analytics to improve performance and decision making. Students will learn practical research skills necessary to design, create, and analyze data sets as well as to report meaningful insights to diverse audiences. Students will appreciate the challenges and opportunities facing a wide array of commercial enterprises that rely on analytics to make key strategic decisions.


The Business Analytics Track is open to all Commerce students whose academic requirements allow them the flexibility to take the required 12 credit hours.

The Curriculum

Students are required to complete the following courses:

Required Courses

COMM 3220 Database Management Systems (fall/spring)

COMM 3330 Marketing Research Techniques (fall/spring)

COMM 4260 Business Analytics (fall/spring) OR COMM 4559 Business Analytics with R (fall) OR COMM 4559 Business Analytics with Python (spring)

Business Analytics Track students are required to complete three additional credit hours from the list below (all courses are 3 credits unless otherwise noted):

COMM 4230 Information Technology in Finance (spring)

COMM 4261 Big Data (1.5 credits, spring)

COMM 4263 Cybersecurity (fall)

COMM 4350 Customer Analytics & Brand Strategy (spring)

COMM 4371 Advertising and Promotional Aspects of Marketing (fall)

COMM 4380 Consumer Behavior and Marketing Strategy (fall)

COMM 4559 Big Data Marketing Analytics (fall)

COMM 4559 Text Analytics (1.5 credits, spring)

Each fall, the Center for Business Analytics hosts an annual analytics colloquium featuring more than 20 industry speakers from numerous companies. Speakers present on the latest trends and career opportunities pertaining to the burgeoning field of business analytics. The event, held in early September, is mandatory for all fourth-year students signed up for the Business Analytics Track.

For more information, please contact Professor Ahmed Abbasi at or Professor Trey Maxham at

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