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Calculus FAQs

What Calculus course should I take?

McIntire requires only one Calculus course in order to enroll; at least eight different Calculus courses are offered at UVA that satisfy this requirement. Read more information from the College of Arts & Sciences’ Math Department regarding placement here.

What are the four sequences of Calculus taught at UVA?
  1.  A Survey of Calculus I with Algebra (MATH 1190)
    One-semester 4-credit course covering the same material as MATH 1210, but with additional instruction in college algebra. It is intended for students with no previous exposure to calculus who may need extra help.
  2. Applied Calculus sequence (MATH 1210 and 1220)
    Two 3-credit courses (no discussion sections), intended for non-math-intensive majors in the College (e.g., Commerce, Biology, Economics, Psychology).
    Meets the Calculus requirement for almost all majors, but does not prepare students for further coursework in Mathematics.
  3. Traditional Calculus sequence (MATH 1310, 1320, and 2310)
    Three 4-credit courses (each with a discussion section), intended for Math and Natural Science majors in the College.
    MATH 1320 is a prerequisite for any 2000-level Math course or higher.
    MATH 2315 (“Honors Calculus III”) is offered each fall and intended for students planning to take graduate-level Math courses. It’s rare that we see a McIntire applicant take this course.
  4. Engineering Calculus sequence (APMA 1090, 1110, and 2120)
    Three 4-credit courses, intended for Engineering majors.
    Essentially the Engineering equivalent of MATH 1310, 1320, and 2310.
I don’t have any Calculus credit. Which should I take?

If you have no previous exposure to Calculus, we recommend MATH 1190 or MATH 1210. The workload is less intense, and both still meet the requirement. The only reason to take the more challenging MATH 1310 is if you are interested in higher-level mathematics and/or intend to pursue Math, Statistics, or Physics as a double major.

Is it true that students must take Calculus II or Calculus III to be admitted to McIntire?

No. That said, there are a number of reasons applicants take additional coursework in Mathematics.

What if I’m coming in with AP or IB credit for MATH 1310?

You’ve fulfilled McIntire’s prerequisite requirement for Calculus.

If I do take Calculus II, which one should I take?

If you intend to take higher-level math courses, take MATH 1320. If not, we suggest taking MATH 1220—even if you received AP credit for MATH 1310.

Do you have any additional advice regarding math prerequisites?
  • The admissions committee likes to see math coursework done here at UVA, particularly if you received AP or transfer credit for the math requirement.
  • Potential Finance concentrators are encouraged to complete additional coursework in mathematics.
  • Unless you want to take higher-level math, take the Applied Calculus sequence.
  • Economics and most science majors require two semesters of Calculus.
  • High school calculus and college calculus are very different, so unless you’re confident in your math skills, be sure to explore your options before committing to higher-level courses.
  • There are many ways outside of taking Calculus II or III to demonstrate your quantitative ability or to prep for Finance or another major—including completing quantitative courses in the departments of Economics, Statistics, Psychology, Sociology, and Computer Science.

If you have any questions, speak with an admissions counselor, either during open office hours or by appointment.