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Global Commerce Track

What Is a Track?

A track is a specialty area of study crossing over multiple concentration areas. Courses taken to satisfy track requirements can also be used to satisfy concentration requirements. Commerce students may complete up to two tracks if course scheduling allows this flexibility. Due to resources, the McIntire School cannot guarantee the fulfillment of tracks.








The Global Commerce Track, a course of study spanning multiple concentration areas, is designed to provide students with a broad and interdisciplinary understanding of the global business environment, an in-depth regional perspective, and an appreciation of the challenges and opportunities facing a wide array of commercial enterprises operating within these interrelated environments.


The Global Commerce Track is open to all Commerce students whose academic requirements allow them the flexibility to take the required 12 credit hours. Courses used to satisfy concentration requirements may also be counted toward track requirements. Students are strongly encouraged to complete a study abroad experience while enrolled at the University of Virginia to enhance their Global learning.

Required Courses (6 credit hours)

Choose two of the three required courses from the following list:

COMM 4310 Global Marketing (fall/spring)

COMM 4690 Global Management (fall/spring)

COMM 4741 Foundations of Global Commerce (fall)

Elective Courses (6 credit hours)

Choose from the following list:

COMM 3828 (offered during a McIntire semester abroad)

Any Global Commerce Immersion (GCI) course offered by the McIntire School of Commerce (1.5-3 credits)

COMM 3880 Global Sustainability

COMM 4310 Global Marketing

COMM 4559 Doing Business in China

COMM 4559 Global Digital Divide

COMM 4559 Advanced Investments: Asset Management in the Global Economy

COMM 4559 Global Impact Investing

COMM 4650 Business, Politics and Culture in the European Union

COMM 4690 Global Management

COMM 4703 Global Macro Investing

COMM 4741 Foundations of Global Commerce

COMM 4821 Managing Sustainable Development

COMM 4822 Investing in a Sustainable Future

COMM 4839 Global Commerce Scholar Thesis Development (1 credit)

COMM 4840 Global Commerce Scholar Thesis Proposal (2 credits)

COMM 4841 Global Commerce Scholar Thesis (2 credits)

* All courses are 3 credit hours unless otherwise noted.

For more information about the Global Commerce Track, contact Professor Peter Maillet at

Scholars in Global Commerce

The Global Commerce Scholar (GCS) program provides selected fourth-year McIntire students with the opportunity to carry out independent research under the guidance of one or more faculty advisors. Students apply for the program during the spring of their third year. While the proposed research topic need not have a direct "international" focus, students with more general interests are encouraged to consider the global implications of their research topic.

During the fall of their fourth year, students will be registered for COMM 4840 (2 credits) and develop a detailed proposal that defines the scope of their research. Students whose proposals are approved by the GCS faculty advisers complete their research and write the thesis while registered for COMM 4841 (2 credits) during the spring of the fourth year.

The program also has a research methods requirement that must be satisfied by the end of the fall semester of the fourth year. Generally, marketing and management concentrators will satisfy the research methods requirement with COMM 3330 (Marketing Research Techniques), while accounting and finance concentrators will do so with ECON 3720 (Econometrics). Students may petition the Program Director for approval of an alternative methods course but the requirement cannot be waived.

Through close collaboration with faculty advisers and a GCS coach, Global Commerce Scholars will learn about professional research methods and practice as well as career opportunities in research. The experience will be especially valuable to students considering graduate studies leading to research careers in business, consulting, government, or academia. Students who successfully complete this research program are designated as "Scholars in Global Commerce" and recognized at graduation. 

For more information, visit the Global Commerce Scholars webpage.

The information contained on this website is for informational purposes only. The Undergraduate Record and Graduate Record, found at the UVA University Registrar website, represent the official repository for academic program requirements.