Sao Paulo, Brazil

Global Commerce Scholars Projects

The following students have completed or are on schedule to complete the requirements for McIntire's Global Commerce Scholars Program:

Student/Thesis Title
Faculty Adviser

• Winston Chen (McIntire '20)
Thesis Proposal Title: TBD

Michael Gallmeyer

• Robert Hicks (McIntire '20)
Thesis Proposal Title: TBD

Bill Wilhelm

• Pianpian Huang (McIntire '20)
Thesis Proposal Title: TBD

Adam Koch

• Jack McGreevy (McIntire '20)
Thesis Proposal Title: TBD

Bill Wilhelm

• George Moss (McIntire '20)
Thesis Proposal Title: TBD

Saonee Sarker

• ​Raghav Savara (McIntire '20)
Thesis Proposal Title: TBD

Bevin Etienne

• Caroline King (McIntire '19)
The Impact of Causality on Fashion Trends: An Analysis of the Drivers of Trends through Text Mining, VAR, and Granger Causality

Natasha Foutz

• Kate McGinn (McIntire '19)
Hope in the Midst of American Carnage: Assessing the Economic Impact of UVA-Wise on Wise, Virginia

Bill Wilhelm

• Varun Sharma (McIntire '19)
Seeing Red: The Cultural Revolution's Impact on the Financing and Investment Decisions of Chinese Firms

Bill Wilhelm, Zhaohui Chen

• Colin Suvak (McIntire '19)
The Impact of U.S. Fiscal and Monetary Policy on Common Equity Market Risk Factors

David Chapman

• Aaron Anderson (McIntire '18)
From Takers to Makers: Value Creation and Market Making with Vehicle-to-Grid Technology

​Bill Wilhelm

• ​Manhang (Emma) Li (McIntire '18)
The Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility on Financial Performance:
Evidence from Chinese  Listed Companies

Zhaohui Chen

• ​Anna Seitz (McIntire '18)
Cultural Determinants of M&A Returns:
How Fairness Opinions by Boutique Firms Affect Value

Bill Wilhelm

• Sabrina Yen (McIntire '18)
Crafting a Sustainable Future: The Usefulness of Material Flow Cost Accounting (MFCA) for Craft Brewery Resource Management Decision-Making

​​Mark White

• Aditya Chaudhry (McIntire '18)
Market Segmentation and Non-Parametric Asset Pricing

​Michael Gallmeyer 

• ​Madhav Sekar (McIntire '18)
The Impact of Leveraged Lending Guidance on the Performance of Non-Investment Grade Firms

David C. Smith

• Olesia Khrapunova (McIntire '18)
Undermining Incompatibility between Luxury Brand Concept and CSR Information: Discovering New Strategies of Framing CSR Information by Appealing to Consumer Personal Values

Nicole Montgomery

• Belisa Pang (McIntire '17)
The Market Impact of Leveraged and Inverse ETFs: Evidence from S&P 500-Linked Products

Michael Gallmeyer

• Qindi (Lily) Ouyang (McIntire '17)
One Belt, One Road and China’s Evolution in Foreign Policy and Regional Leadership

Peter Maillet, Bill Wilhelm

• Siyuan (Marco) Chen (McIntire '17)
Investigating the Relationship between Firm Investment Sensitivity and Financing Constraints with a Distinctive Chinese Firm Data Set

Zhaohui Chen

• Faby Chaillo Lizarraga (McIntire '17)
How Does the Effect of Color in Marketing Promotions Differ across Latinos in the United States? A Sensory Marketing Study

Nicole Montgomery, Amanda Cowen

• Aneesh Shah (McIntire '16)
Water Footprint Assessment of Global Agricultural Wine Production Processes: A Study to Determine the Water Footprint and Water Efficiency of Wine Globally

Mark White

• Huiyang (Chelsea) Ding (McIntire '16)
Signaling in Mutual Fund Industry: Evidence from Chinese Retail Investors

Zhaohui Chen

• Jie (Jessica) Gao (McIntire '16)
Cross Generation Analysis on Chinese Consumers’ Attitudes on Personal Luxury Goods

Natasha Foutz

• Kelly Halter (McIntire '16)
Effects of a Brand’s Country of Origin and Longevity on Perceived Brand Authenticity in the Post-Colonial World

Nicole Montgomery

• Melanie Schaefer (McIntire '16)
Understanding Sustainability in the Coffee Industry

Saonee Sarker

• Aline Avigdor Altschul (McIntire '15)
Effects of a Brand's Country of Origin on Consumer Behavior in Brazil

Amanda Cowen, Nicole Montgomery

• Matt Lattimer (McIntire '15)
A Case Study of the New York State Social Impact Bond

Michael Gallmeyer