Professor Grazioli with slides

IT Concentration

Few businesses can survive without information technology (IT). Indeed, most organizations leverage IT as a critical and strategic resource. IT is used to collect and analyze unprecedented amounts of data at incredible speed, and it is often a main component in the most exciting product and process innovations in the modern era. Organizations need leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to manage this amazing resource and to use it to produce business value.



McIntire's Information Technology concentration prepares students to become business analysts and consultants ready to apply their skills in project management and leading-edge technologies to solve business problems in accounting, finance, marketing, management, and international business.

Course material in the IT concentration focuses on project management, consulting, financial systems, innovation, database management, business analytics, big data, and e-commerce, among others.

Why Choose IT?

If you enjoy solving business problems, working with people, and thinking creatively, you should consider an IT concentration. The IT concentration focuses on solving business problems utilizing the four fundamental components of people, process, data, and technology.

IT-related jobs are in demand and score highly in career satisfaction surveys:

  • Elite Grads in Business Flock to Tech (The Wall Street Journal 2013)
  • #1 in career satisfaction (The Wall Street Journal 2010)
  • Three of top 10 “Best Jobs in America” (CNN/Money 2010)

"Having an IT concentration from McIntire helped me attain both an internship and job offer during a time of economic uncertainty. I was able to get an internship when several large corporations were eliminating their programs due to cost reductions. Having an IT concentration on my resume separated me from many candidates because technology is so pervasive in business. Even if you go into marketing or finance, there is a great chance that some piece of technology will be used to solve a business problem. In addition, IT is always changing as new solutions are constantly being introduced. Knowing how to adapt quickly to a new technology will definitely give you an edge in business."

-Michelle Quiroga (McIntire '10)