M.S. in MIT Laptops

Academic Program

To complete the IT concentration, students must complete:

Third Year (required)

COMM 3200* Product and Project Management

Fourth Year (select 6 additional credits)
COMM 3220** Database Management Systems and Business Intelligence
COMM 4230 Information Technology in Finance
COMM 4250 Digital Innovation
COMM 4251 Digital Safari (1.5 credits)
COMM 4260 or 4559  Business Analytics or Business Analytics with R
COMM 4261 Big Data (1.5 credits)
COMM 4263 Intro to Cybersecurity
COMM 4293*** GCI: IT Project Practicum in Argentina
COMM 4529*** GCI: Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the "Start-Up Nation": Israel
COMM 4559 Text Analytics (1.5 credits)

*May be taken in fourth year.
**Highly recommended.
***Only one Global Commerce Immersion (GCI) course counts for this concentration.

Course offerings are subject to change each semester.

The information contained on this website is for informational purposes only. The Undergraduate Record and Graduate Record, found at the UVA University Registrar website, represent the official repository for academic program requirements.