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Management Concentration

McIntire's Management concentration, which focuses on core issues faced by leaders and managers today, provides conceptual frameworks and brings to life challenges and opportunities faced in the real world, preparing students to address those business situations with enhanced interpersonal, organizational, and managerial skills. The concentration synthesizes the McIntire experience in a manner that provides graduates with a foundation for long-term career success and satisfaction, and can prepare them for specific careers in fields such as consulting, entrepreneurship, and others. Students who concentrate in Management may customize a program of study that meets their personal academic and career objectives. Throughout, the emphasis is on preparing students to be competitive as leaders in today’s dynamic business environment.



Why Choose Management

Students interested in consulting and entrepreneurship and those interested in strengthening their leadership, communication, and interpersonal competencies should consider the Management concentration. Whereas technical skills often open the door to the first position in a career, managerial skills quickly become important and provide the foundation for long-term career success. Experience and academic research combine to make it clear that weak managerial skills undermine individual, team, and organizational performance. Weak management skills derail fast trackers, and strong managerial skills propel individual careers and organizational success. More broadly, business is fundamentally about people, and students interested in learning more about the human element of business will benefit from this concentration.