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A liberal arts education is key to a successful professional career, and McIntire strongly desires that students complete a minimum of two academic years before enrollment. Students spend this time combining liberal arts and business prerequisite courses; this preparation is critical to students' success at McIntire and their long-term professional development. In its holistic review of every applicant, the Admission Committee reviews academic performance in a broad context, including course load per semester, course rigor, trend in performance, cumulative GPA, and quantitative GPA as calculated from grades in prerequisite courses, including COMM  2010 and 2020; ECON 2010 and 2020; math; statistics; or UVA equivalents of any of these courses.

Commerce Prerequisite Courses

Before entering the McIntire School of Commerce, students must complete a minimum of 54 credits (including any test credits, transfer credits, and courses taken at UVA), including the following courses:

Commerce Classes Suggested Year for Completion
COMM 1800: Foundations of Commerce First
COMM 2010: Introduction to Financial Accounting Second
COMM 2020: Introduction to Management Accounting Second


Non-Commerce Classes Suggested Year for Completion
First Writing Requirement1 First

Humanities/Engagements Credits1

  • 6 credits of Humanities for students in the Traditional or Forums Curriculum (students in the Classes of 2019, 2020, and 2021 must complete 3 credits before enrollment and 6 credits before graduation) OR
  • Complete the 8 credits of Engagements for students in the New Curriculum
First or second
STAT 21202: Introduction to Statistical Analysis OR higher level First or second

Calculus: MATH 1190, 1210, 1310 OR higher level

First or second
ECON 2010: Principles of Economics: Microeconomics First or second
ECON 2020: Principles of Economics: Macroeconomics First or second
Foreign/World Language3: Completion through the 2020 level First or second

1 First Writing, Humanities/Engagements requirements as defined in the Record, College of Arts & Sciences.

2 AP or transfer credit for STAT 1120 will also satisfy this requirement.

3 Foreign/World language requirements as defined in the Record, College of Arts & Sciences. After admission, foreign language prerequisite courses may, with prior approval, be completed by transfer during the summer before enrollment, but must be completed before entering the School.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Calculus course should I take?

Several Calculus sequences are taught at UVA. Every student's path is different; read this blog post to get more insight on the many ways to successfully complete this requirement.

Do I already have credit for one of the above prerequisite courses?

The McIntire School accepts the same Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, SAT II credit, course waivers, transfer credits, and exemptions as other schools at the University of Virginia. Learn more about advanced examination credit awarded here.

I'm thinking of taking an equivalent or substitute of a prerequisite at UVA or via transfer credit at another college or university. Do I need approval?

Equivalents or substitutions of any prerequisites taken at the University or elsewhere should be approved in advance. If a course is in the College of Arts & Sciences, please contact the appropriate Undergraduate Program for approval. If a course is in the School of Commerce (course with a COMM mnemonic), send the course description to the McIntire Registrar at for approval. The McIntire Office of Undergraduate Admission is available to advise students who wish to take prerequisite courses elsewhere.

What does "Suggested Year for Completion" really mean?

Every student's path to McIntire is different, including their sequencing of courses, and the prerequisites must be completed upon matriculation to McIntire - not upon application to McIntire. That said, we believe that taking more foundational courses (COMM 1800, First Writing Requirement) in your first year helps establish an understanding for business and writing principles, respectively. COMM 2010 can be taken in the spring of a student's first year, but most students take it in their second year. The Admission Committee has no preference on course sequencing, and fully expects for students to have one or two prerequisites remaining for the spring of their second year, once they have applied to McIntire. There is no "ideal" course sequence for McIntire admission, since every student has different academic goals and interests, prior credits, course scheduling and preferences.

I’m an Echols Scholar. Aren’t I exempt from many of the prerequisite courses?

Echols Scholars intending to apply to McIntire must complete all of the prerequisite courses, including writing and foreign language through the 2020 level. However, Echols Scholars may use ENWR 2520 or ENWR 2800 instead of a First Writing Requirement course to fulfill McIntire's writing course prerequisite.

How can I learn more about the prerequisite courses?

Visit the Undergraduate Record for the above course descriptions.

What other classes do I need to take for entry to McIntire?

The prerequisite courses, when taken in conjunction with the broad course requirements of the College curriculum, prepare students for McIntire’s intensive ICE curriculum, concentrations, and tracks. If students are looking for additional skill development, the following can serve as a guide:

  • Students are encouraged to take courses that emphasize oral and written communication skills as well as courses that emphasize moral reasoning and ethics.

  • Technical skills and capabilities are becoming increasingly important to help navigate today's digital landscape. This link has several online resources (free to UVA students) for learning basic coding, data analysis and statistical modeling skills. 

  • Students planning to concentrate in Finance are strongly encouraged to complete additional elective coursework in mathematics, particularly if they received AP or transfer credit for the math requirement.

  • Students planning to concentrate in IT or Finance are encouraged to take at least one course in computer programming (high school AP credit or higher) in a language such as Visual Basic, Java, C++, or C#. ​

Walk-In Advising

Remember, every student's path is different; students are encouraged to attend Walk-In Advising for one-on-one assistance.

Course Equivalencies for Prospective Transfer Students

Prospective transfer students may use the College of Arts & Sciences' Transfer Credit Equivalencies to identify comparable courses at their current institution. 

Requirements for students enrolled in the B.S. in Commerce Program

Details involving the curriculum of the B.S. in Commerce Program can be obtained by visiting the  Undergraduate Program Academics page.