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Real Estate Track

What Is a Track?

A track is a specialty area of study crossing over multiple concentration areas. Courses taken to satisfy track requirements can also be used to satisfy concentration requirements. Commerce students may complete up to two tracks if course scheduling allows this flexibility. Due to resources, the McIntire School cannot guarantee the fulfillment of tracks.




Real estate constitutes a substantial portion of the wealth, banking activity, and investment opportunities of the world's varied economies. With markets that are localized and opaque, illiquid, highly cyclic, and relatively inefficient, commercial real estate investments appear ripe with both opportunity and risk. McIntire's Real Estate Track is focused on providing a competitive edge to students choosing to successfully navigate within this challenging environment. To this end, we have chosen understanding value as the Real Estate Track's theme, given that valuation is central to almost all real estate decision making. Our theme is framed within what we refer to as the industry's three Ps, principles, perspectives, and players, used to categorize and organize industry knowledge.

Within this strategic context, our program plays to key McIntire strengths--a talented, dedicated, team-oriented student body operating within an honor code system and an equally dedicated group of outstanding real estate professional friends and alumni who mentor students, guest lecture, and share their experiences through an evolving, collection of proprietary real estate investment case studies. Their involvement facilitates our dedication to active learning through historic and live cases plus presentations by "master" real estate investors, decision makers representing equally outstanding organizations. This in turn enables us to test academic theory and empirical evidence regarding successful analytical principles applicable to real estate investment decision making.

Our program is not only dedicated to optimal investment real estate patterns within the urban environment but also the stewardship of our planet and conservation of its natural resources and wild spots. The latter is a key element of our University of Virginia land use philosophy and commitment to future generations.


The Real Estate Track is open to all fourth-year Commerce students whose academic requirements allow them the flexibility to take the required 12 credit hours. If possible, students seeking entrance to the track should complete COMM 4790 Fundamentals of Real Estate Analysis (3 credit hours) during the fall semester of their fourth year, but students who find this option impossible may seek permission from the track director to fulfill the requirements during the spring semester of their fourth year.

Real Estate Institute Speaker Series

Organized by the McIntire School, the Darden School, and the Darden Real Estate Club, this series exposes students to two speakers each semester, alternating between Darden and McIntire locations. Attendance is required by all students admitted to the Real Estate Track.

The Curriculum

Courses used to satisfy concentration requirements may also be counted toward track requirements. 


COMM 4790 Fundamentals of Real Estate Analysis (fall)

PLUS one of the two following courses:

COMM 4791 Real Estate Investment Analysis (spring)

COMM 4792 Commercial Real Estate Seminar: Advanced Issues and Fieldwork (spring)


In addition to the required credit hours, students must complete 6 credits from the courses listed below:

COMM 3200 Product and Project Management (fall/spring)

COMM 3330 Marketing Research Techniques (spring)

COMM 4330 Negotiating for Value (fall/spring)

COMM 4450 Federal Taxation

COMM 4559 Advanced Investments: Asset Management in the Global Economy

COMM 4720 Advanced Corporate Finance: Valuation & Restructuring (fall/spring)

COMM 4721 Advanced Corporate Finance: Investment Banking (fall)

COMM 4730 Advanced Investments: Derivatives & Fixed Income (spring)

COMM 4731 Advanced Investments: Principles of Security Trading (spring)

COMM 4732 Advanced Investments: Quantitative Equity Portfolio Management (spring)

COMM 4760 Private Equity​ (spring)

COMM 4791 Real Estate Investment Analysis (spring) (if not taken to meet required courses)

COMM 4792 Commercial Real Estate Seminar: Advanced Issues and Fieldwork (spring) (if not taken to meet required courses)

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