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Undergraduate Admissions

Admission to the McIntire School of Commerce is highly competitive. As one of the nation's most rigorous business programs, McIntire attracts many highly qualified applicants.

Thomas Jefferson, founder of the University of Virginia, believed a liberal arts education was key to a successful professional career. In keeping with that tradition, students spend the first two years of undergraduate work combining liberal arts and business prerequisite courses. The School requires that students complete a minimum of 54 credits and strongly desires that students complete a minimum of two academic years before enrollment. These two years of liberal arts preparation are critical to students' success at McIntire and their long-term professional development.

McIntire is committed to evaluating many facets of an individual's background. Therefore, admissions personnel look for evidence of competitive academic performance, intellectual ability, significant work or life experiences, as well as other qualities of character that may not be quantitatively measured. These include strong communications skills, motivation, tenacity, maturity, integrity, ability to work with others, self-confidence, self-reliance, and leadership.

The admissions process varies for current UVA students and those applying from outside the University. Please check our blog frequently for up-to-date information on admission and events.

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