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Center for Business Analytics

Education and Training

McIntire’s collaborative, experiential approach to refining our highly regarded programs is the result of a longstanding and rigorous commitment. As we prepare our students for future success in global business, we ensure that our curriculum cultivates leaders who contribute to the greater good across multiple industries.


CBA enhances and expands analytics courses across McIntire, which includes the Business Analytics Track for undergraduate students, a 15-credit specialization in the pre-experience M.S. in Commerce Program, and the M.S. in Business Analytics Program, offered in partnership by the Darden School of Business and the McIntire School of Commerce.

Trending Topics

Machine Learning

Research by CBA team members is offering important considerations for managers and data scientists interested in making use of machine learning, including semi-automating the model development process, contextualizing machine learning with representation engineering, and balancing depth with breadth through data triangulation.

AI in Finance

Examining the rewarding but demanding practice of integrating AI to enhance processes and operations across financial sectors, the Center has provided strong thought leadership in work with its corporate partners, detailing risk mitigation and other critical factors when implementing AI.


In conjunction with its industry partners, the CBA has probed consumer and workplace perspectives of automation ranging from online banking and self-driving cars to big issues like large-scale job loss. Using a large U.S. population sample, they examined data revealing the tension between automation’s perceived consumer-side benefits and its threat to otherwise human-performed jobs.


Over the years, I’ve collaborated with McIntire’s Center for Business Analytics on many research projects that provide insights to inform curriculum, empower my organization, and guide industry. Through conferences like CBA’s annual Analytics Colloquium, we’ve benefited from a platform to share invaluable expertise with other thought leaders in the field while enhancing the Commerce School experience for students. McIntire’s Centers bring students, faculty, alumni, industry, and real-world research together in truly powerful ways that create new opportunities for everyone involved.

Yang Shim (McIntire ’96)

Center for Business Analytics Board Member