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Center for the Management of IT

Education and Training

McIntire's Center for the Management of IT (CMIT) is committed to the facilitation of lifelong learning. To this end, CMIT has hosted more than 100 educational programs, networking events, and custom-designed workshops.

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The Center supports advancements and interdisciplinary scholarship in the IT area at McIntire, while its efforts also strengthen engagement and collaboration among business leaders, IT practitioners, UVA alumni, and our faculty.

  • Executive Education: The Center offers customized one-day or multi-day workshops for IT practitioners and firms, designed around specific themes including product and project management, cybersecurity, and digital innovation.  Contact the Center for additional information.
  • Curriculum Development:  CMIT scholars contribute extensively to the development and delivery of our one-year Master of Science in the Management of IT (M.S. in MIT).
  • Seminars/Webinars:  Whether virtual or in-person, the Center offers cutting-edge insights and content from industry thought leaders and IT experts around emerging topics in IT. CMIT’s premiere annual event is the Knowledge Continuum. Keep an eye on our “Upcoming Events” below.

Emerging Topics

In a very Darwinian sense, only business leaders who stay current will survive. CMIT researchers seek to help managers achieve this by constantly scanning the environment to find the most important emerging topics related to information technology. We then curate these topics to produce cutting-edge research briefings, webinars, case studies, and educational programs. Topics have included DevOps, AI/machine learning, blockchain, and robotic process automation.


Organizations must be prepared to protect their critical data, systems and intellectual property in an environment where hacking tools are readily available.  McIntire's cybersecurity research and education programs provide state-of-the-art thinking on securing networks, building organizational resilience, developing risk management playbooks, and contingency planning.

Product Management

With digital transformation and user experience at the forefront of most enterprise strategies today, product-focused roles are changing drastically and rising in importance. CMIT researchers have been conducting field-based research and writing case studies on product management for the past several years. As a result, we are now positioned to offer executive workshops on topics such as digital transformation, product innovation, product roadmaps, and product management teams.  View Product Management Resources

Project Management

Companies realize they cannot stay in business if they cannot manage their projects effectively. Yet, most organizations still are either unable or unwilling to perform the one basic activity critical to project management and continuous improvement: learning from mistakes and successes. CMIT researchers have analyzed hundreds of information technology (IT) projects over the past 20 years. Compiling the findings of this extensive research, our articles provide a guide to managers for mapping project momentum, evaluating project success, applying best practices to identify and avoid classic mistakes, performing root cause analysis, and delivering actionable recommendations aimed at helping organizations achieve continuous project success.