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Center for the Management of IT

Industry Engagement

The Center for the Management of Information Technology works in close collaboration with a growing network of industry partners, dedicated alumni, and innovative tech companies to support curriculum enhancements and create effective linkages between McIntire students, faculty, and business. Check out our upcoming and past events at the bottom of this page.

Knowledge ∞ Continuum

The annual Knowledge ∞ Continuum, CMIT's signature event, provides business leaders and technology managers with a premiere learning experience exploring the latest trends and topics in the management of information technology.


“The Knowledge Continuum was exactly what I was looking for—an extension of the M.S. in MIT Program, not a rehash of the program, but learning about new concepts and new technologies with a broad base of students. The top-notch classmates, who came to the Continuum from a variety of industries, made my time in the program a very rich experience. The excellence and diversity of my classmates, along with the Continuum’s superb coursework, world-class faculty, flawless organization, and location, all combined to make the program a ‘class act.’ I expected nothing less of McIntire’s M.S. in MIT Program: This is a team that we in the field have come to respect as leaders in the management of information technology.”

Teresa Duvall (M.S. in MIT ’06)

Director of Network Enterprise Services at CACA International Inc.