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Module 2

Project & Product Management

Learn to become a more effective leader by mastering the contemporary concepts, tools, and techniques of IT project and product management.

We’ve designed this module to align with the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) espoused by the Project Management Institute. Throughout this module, you’ll conduct a project retrospective and a set of organizational reviews.

Topics Covered:
  • Project planning, integration, and scope management
  • Best practices and classic mistakes
  • Agile and SAFe
  • Design thinking
  • Estimation and scheduling
  • Leading and managing teams
  • Vendor management
  • Budgeting/costing
  • Measuring value
  • Portfolio and risk management
  • Global sourcing
  • Project recovery
Project Retrospective

You and your group will collaborate with a real company to examine a recently completed IT project. Applying the lessons from Module 2, you’ll conduct a historical reconstruction, identify the positive aspects, and make recommendations for future improvements.

Mendoza, Argentina

During this module, 10-15 M.S. in MIT students opt to travel to Andes wine country in Mendoza, Argentina, for a global project retrospective experience. Students have the unique opportunity to develop cross-cultural competencies as they work with local Argentinian companies on a historical reconstruction on a recent IT project. In the past, students have collaborated with businesses that include wineries, ad agencies, and the department of transportation.

Alexandra Dimas_r5nEnTbv

 “While having the experience of international consulting was truly awesome, what I’ll remember most from that trip are the questions my peers asked that dived us deeper into a topic I didn’t even think to discuss. After a week of reviewing their entire business, from security to data handling to financials, we were able to provide and present dozens of recommendations to the customer.”

Alexandra Dimas (M.S. in MIT ’23)

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