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Module 4

IT Strategy

In Module 4, you will acquire a senior manager competence: how to use digital technologies to enable, and in some cases drive, business strategies.

You will progress far beyond a casual understanding of words like "strategy" and "competitive advantage," learning rigorous techniques to analyze industries and firms from a business and financial standpoint, understanding their sources of differentiation, and assessing their sustainability. You will use these tools to propose and evaluate digital innovations that make true strategic sense. Mastering this knowledge creates an excellent foundation to propel you towards higher-level management roles.

Rooted in the strategic factors affecting information technologies, the module explores the financial, leadership, marketing, and innovation issues that emerge when organizations develop technologies that offer the potential to improve a firm’s competitive position.

Upon completion of Module 4, you’ll be prepared to assume the role of an internal IT entrepreneur—a visionary specialist capable of conceptualizing IT developments that can offer new strategic possibilities to your organization, determining the best methods for competing, and for finding the right people for packaging those ideas in compelling ways.

Topics Covered:
  • Strategy formulation 

  • Industry analysis 

  • Competitive advantage

  • Strategy execution

  • IT/business alignment

  • Value creation 

  • Financial analysis

  • Financial forecasting

  • Marketing for IT 

  • Persuasive communication

  • Leadership 

  • Network effects

Capstone Strategic Project

The Capstone Strategic Project will challenge you to practice what you have learned in class by asking you to apply it to a real-world company of your choosing. We will challenge you and your team to analyze the strategy of the company within the context of its industry, and to investigate the role that digital technologies play in defining, enhancing, and implementing that strategy. Each team will develop, deliver, and defend a proposal to increase the company's value through digital innovation.

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