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Module 3

Digital Transformation

Preparing for the arrival of horizon technologies—and how it may affect operations at your organization—is a crucial skill. In Module 3, you’ll examine the body of knowledge associated with managing the IT enterprise, including operations, enterprise systems, integration, business intelligence, and emerging IT. You’ll learn to:

  • Manage portfolios of IT projects

  • Effectively integrate information and operations across the enterprise

  • Harness organizational information for more effective decision making

  • Deliver a competitive advantage for organizations through effective use of IT

Topics Covered:
  • AI/machine learning 

  • Analytics

  • Data management

  • Internet of things  

  • DevOps

  • Business Intelligence

  • Big data

  • Process integration 

  • Service-oriented architecture 

  • Social networks

  • Communication
  • Blockchain

  • IT governance


Technology Reports

New tech arrives every day. In this group project, students plunge headlong into the tech frontier to explore what’s out there and match it with an appropriate company that could benefit from its features. Each group chooses a different technology and an organization that should be using it, and builds their case for implementation.


Executives on Grounds

At the conclusion of Module 3, M.S. in MIT students work directly with professionals in the classroom. For the Executives on Grounds (EOGs) program, you’ll submit and present proposals to business leaders in a one-on-one setting.

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