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M.S. in MIT Success Stories

Success can be measured in many ways. For some, it may mean improved confidence; for others, it may mean increased responsibility or compensation. Still others might define success as achieving a healthy balance between the demands of work and family.

However you measure success, the M.S. in MIT Program is dedicated to providing you with the actionable knowledge and broadened perspective that will help you achieve your goals. As you consider joining our program, or perhaps sponsoring someone to join our program, we invite you to spend a few minutes getting to know some of the individuals who make up our invaluable student and alumni network. Each profile below tells a different success story. What the stories have in common is evidence of the outstanding short- and long-term returns on investment that are the hallmark of McIntire’s M.S. in MIT Program.

natanya blackwell

The Nature Conservancy

Shawn Cordes

Kevin Crow

NEC Sphere Communications

Charisse Clarke

Slalom Consulting

Ron Evans

Sybase 365

Goubeaux Susan

Semper Pie

Mona Olsen

Fulbright Grantee

Katy Rowell

Bank of America

Jim Troup

Pediatric Alliance

Michael Wisler

Capital One