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Application Process: High School Students

The McIntire School of Commerce is an upper-divisional school at the University, with current UVA students spending their first two years of undergraduate work completing liberal arts and business prerequisite courses before applying to McIntire. These two years of liberal arts preparation are critical to students' success at the School and their long-term professional development.

Prospective UVA students for first-year admission who are interested in McIntire’s B.S. in Commerce Program should apply for admission to the College of Arts & Sciences through the Office of Undergraduate Admission’s application process. After matriculating to UVA and spending the first two years in the College of Arts & Sciences, students follow the process for UVA students to apply to McIntire.

Direct entry or preferred admission to McIntire for incoming first-year students is not available. Why not? Read this blog post to learn more.

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​Once enrolled at UVA, there are many ways for students to pursue business education and get involved at the McIntire School: