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Meredith Flabiano

Meredith Flabiano

M.S. in Commerce 2020, University of Virginia
B.S. in Astrophysics 2019, University of Virginia

Track: Marketing & Management

Hometown: Dallas, TX

What stood out to you in selecting to attend the M.S. in Commerce Program?

This Program offered a way to pivot/strengthen academic backgrounds that weren't originally in business. The time frame is only a year, but you learn so much in that time. I'll be infinitely more prepared stepping into the working world than I would have been just coming out of undergrad.

What are you looking forward to most in the Program?

I am looking forward to my more marketing and PR-centric classes and understanding how that fits in with international business. The Global Immersion Experience is the coolest opportunity that I would not have gotten anywhere else.

What clubs and organizations were you involved with during your time in undergrad?

AKAdeMiX Dance Crew, Tri Sigma

What are your hobbies?

For most of my life, I was a competitive dancer in a company, so my favorite hobby and prime source of exercise was always dance. I could not give it up coming into college, so I joined a club dance team on Grounds that focuses primarily on hip-hop styles. Anytime I hear music, I start to groove.

I am also working on seeing all the national parks across the U.S. I have a "passport" that gets stamped each time I visit one. There are 61 parks and many more monuments, reserves, rivers, etc. in the National Park System, and I want to see as much as I can. I have been to five parks since I started a year ago, so I am making headway.

Name three places on your bucket list to travel to.

1. Italy: The first on my bucket list is already halfway complete. I had always wanted to take a family trip to Italy to visit the village/town of my ancestors (the OG Flabianos). This past summer, my immediate family and I traveled throughout Northern Italy together (from Rome to Venice to Milan) and along the way tasted wine, ate so much food, and walked through so many little towns I couldn't name them all. But the best part was seeing San Daniele del Friuli, the town where the Flabianos began and where the best prosciutto is made (I'm not biased; look it up!). I still want to see Southern Italy, which is why it is still #1 on my bucket list. Maybe I will return with my own family!

2. Hawaii: This answer is not just because of the beach and the piña coladas (though those are great aspects that I will definitely check out). I have a soft spot for weather and natural phenomena on Earth (it was a difficult choice between meteorology and astrophysics for my undergrad major), and Hawaii has so much to see and learn from in that regard. I want to see volcanoes and maverick waves. I want to visit Maunakea Observatories. I want to go ziplining in the forests. There are two national parks in Hawaii as well that I need to check off. It would be a long trip but infinitely worth it!

I can’t choose a third but other places on my list include the Northern Lights, Arctic Circle, Australia, and many more!