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Michael Chavez

Michael Chavez

M.S. in Commerce 2020, University of Virginia
B.A. in Spanish (Linguistics & Philology) 2019, University of Virginia

Track: Marketing & Management

Hometown: Martinsville, VA

What stood out to you in selecting to attend the M.S. in Commerce Program?

The range of different undergraduate majors represented and the top-ranked education are, for me, the two most appealing aspects of the M.S. in Commerce Program.

What are you looking forward to most in the Program?

I cannot wait for the Global Immersion Experience (GIE)! As someone who enjoys traveling and being immersed in different cultures, I love that the M.S. in Commerce Program offers a study-abroad experience to cap off the entire graduate experience.

What clubs and organizations were you involved with during your time in undergrad?

Alpha Phi Omega, Sigma Delta Phi

What is your “walk out” or hype song?

“Jambi” by Tool

What are your hobbies?

Outside of traveling and meeting new people, my other interests involve, arguably, less expensive activities. While studying and working in Charlottesville, I loved hiking through some of the most breathtaking trails around the city, including my favorite, Humpback Rocks. When I’m not hiking, I like to watch movies, ranging from classics such as "The Shawshank Redemption" and "Forrest Gump" to newer releases, including "Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri" and "Spider-Man: Far from Home." In addition, I love supporting my favorite college and professional basketball teams: the Hoos and Washington Wizards! Finally, although I don’t have as much free time nowadays, I enjoy playing video games, ranging from turn-based strategy games like the "Civilization" series to fantasy role-playing games like "The Elder Scrolls" and "Witcher" series.