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Global Immersion Experience (GIE)


The Global Immersion Experience (GIE) is an integral and required component of the M.S. in Commerce Program designed to teach the complexities of global business in locations around the world.

By studying the global context of business, you learn to appreciate how economic, social, political, and cultural dynamics drive both the opportunities and challenges facing today’s global organizations. GIE begins in the spring semester with a foundational course in global commerce and is followed by an overseas course led by McIntire faculty in a particular region of the world.

Foundations of Global Commerce

The spring course, Foundations of Global Commerce (3 credits, GCOM 7870), emphasizes the economic and social influences on international business. Through case studies, analytical tools, and team projects, students apply a framework to address the geopolitical, economic, and cultural forces shaping business today. This course takes place at the University of Virginia and lays the foundation for the intensive, on-the-ground Global Immersion Experience.

Global Immersion Experience

The Global Immersion Experience (5 credits, GCOM 7872-7880) is a global course that takes place in May and early June, led by McIntire faculty and staff. The primary objective of GIE is to provide the opportunity to apply business knowledge in a global context. The global course is not academic track-specific, but focuses on how to do business in a specific region of the world by exposing you to a wide variety of industries and strategic insights. 

GIE begins with a one-week residency in Charlottesville that provides an in-depth overview of your designated region. Following the residency, you travel overseas with a cohort of classmates on an intensive three-week schedule of academic, company, and cultural visits. In 2019, six GIE course locations are offered: Europe; Latin America; Southeast Asia; Greater China; Oceania and Japan; and the UAE, India, and Nepal. GIE is a required academic component of the M.S. in Commerce Program.*

GIE locations are revealed in the fall semester, and students submit their preferences for one of the regional courses. Locations change from year to year, with each global course typically visiting 3-4 major cities per region over the course of three weeks. For an inside look at GIE, read a student's 10-day account of company visits and cultural sights in China. 

GIE 2020*
GIE Residency: April 27-May 1, 2020
GIE Abroad: May 9–31, 2020*

GIE 2021*
GIE Residency: May 3-7, 2021
GIE Abroad: May 15-June 6, 2021*

*Please note the confirmed dates above. Applicants should be aware that attendance during the entire Global Immersion Experience is required. Successful completion of the GIE course is necessary in order to graduate from the M.S. in Commerce Program.