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Marketing & Management Track

Why consider marketing and management?

The ability to enhance the performance of people and processes is at the core of most careers in management or management consulting. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills are needed, as well as strong interpersonal skills to guide clients through ambiguous or sometime adverse situations toward new or more effective solutions.

Marketing careers vary widely, depending on the specific functional area (e.g., promotions, brand management, sales, advertising, product management, social and digital media, market research) and industry (e.g., high tech, consumer products, health care, pharmaceuticals, services, retail, hospitality, biotech, sports and entertainment, nonprofit). Those who bring strong analytical skills, who have the ability to present and write well, and who can cross technology with marketing skills are in high demand.

What skills will you gain?

In the Marketing & Management Track, you will acquire in-depth knowledge of the principles and practices of modern marketing while cultivating essential professional and managerial skills in project management, business planning, and strategy. Through team projects for sponsoring organizations, you will gain experience leading and working in diverse teams, managing projects, formulating a point of view, and concisely reporting meaningful insights to diverse audiences.

The Marketing & Management Track is a five-course, 15-credit-hour sequence designed to give students seeking careers in client- or customer-facing organizations the key frameworks, technologies, and functional skills employers are seeking. For example, students will learn to:

  • Conduct a thorough brand analysis for a sponsor company and set forth strategic recommendations and guidance for enhancing customer value and/or revenue performance
  • Manage projects effectively and efficiently, including scope, estimation and scheduling, global sourcing, virtual and global teams, and vendors
  • Use a business planning model to design, develop, and execute an effective integrated web and social marketing program
  • Understand how consumer behavior and consumer response to pricing fit into the formulation of viable marketing strategies
  • Market products and services and manage strategic alliances in a B2B environment
Course topics include:
What are typical post-graduation opportunities?
Students are well-prepared for the major career paths in management, management consulting, or marketing within consumer products, health care, high technology, consulting and services, business to business, not-for-profits, and government organizations. For complete employment statistics for M.S. in Commerce – Marketing & Management graduates, please refer to the Graduate Placement Report.

The information contained on this website is for informational purposes only. The Undergraduate Record and Graduate Record, found at the UVA University Registrar website, represent the official repository for academic program requirements.

  • Andrew Phillips
    Alumni Profile

    Before: B.A. in Classics
    Now: LinkedIn, Advocacy and Government Team

  • Robert Parrish
    Alumni Profile

    Before: B.A. in Foreign Affairs and History
    Now: KCIC, Senior Consultant

  • Alli McKee

    Before: B.A. in American Studies and Studio Art
    Now: Stick, CEO and Founder 


  • Alumni Profile

    Before: B.A. in Foreign Affairs & African-American Studies
    Now: Capgemini Consulting, Senior Consultant

  • Alumni Profile

    Before: B.S. in Biology​
    Now: Assistant Project Manager, Faulconer Construction

  • Alumni Profile

    Before: B.A. in Foreign Affairs​
    Now: CAXA, Director


  • Malcolm Brooks

    Before: B.S. in Food Science and Technology
    Now: pymetrics, Global Revenue Operations and Enablement Analyst (New York City, NY)

  • Alumni Profile
    Before: B.A. in English and Creative Writing
    Now: Nestlé Nespresso, Analytics Manager
  • Alumni Profile

    Before: B.A. in Economics - Commerce
    Now: SearchOne Advisors, Managing Director

  • Alumni Profile

    Before: B.A. in History and Economics
    Now: Booz Allen Hamilton, Lead Associate of People Strategy & Operations

  • Alumni Profile

    Before: B.A. in Psychology and Music​
    Now: Dish Network, Business Operations Manager

  • Alumni Profile

    Before: B.A. in Biology and Chinese
    Now: Design with Adobe, Senior Program Manager

  • Alumni Profile

    Before: B.A. in International Studies​
    Now: R3, Partner Lead (New York, NY)

  • Alumni Profile

    Before: B.A. in English
    Now: Adidas, B2B Analyst

  • Alex Kilkka
    Alumni Profile

    Before: B.S. in Economics and Communication Studies
    Now: Austin Data Solutions, CEO & Founder

  • Austin Palmore

    Before: B.A. in Religious Studies
    Now: Apex Clean Energy, Leasing Analyst (Charlottesville, VA)

  • Alumni Profile

    Before: B.S. in Art History
    Now: Bartlett Agri Enterprises, Vice President 

  • Alumni Profile

    Before: B.A. in International Studies and French
    Now: Appain, Presales Solutions Consultant

  • Kelley Halpin

    Before: B.A. in Government
    Now: Karrot Fit, Founder and CEO (Chicago, IL)

  • Alumni Profile

    Before: B.A. in Psychology​
    Now: Gresham Smith, Public Relations Manager

  • Alumni Profile

    Before: B.A. Psychology and Spanish
    Now: Tenet Partners, Director of Business Development 

  • Alumni Profile

    Before: B.A. in Biomedical Engineering
    Now: Chopt Creative Salad Company, Vice President of Strategy & Technology