Andrew Cox

M.S. in Commerce 2012 (Marketing & Management), U​niversity of Virginia

B.S. in Biology 2011, Bridgewater College

After: RKG, A Merkle Company, Analyst (Charlottesville, VA) ​

Now: Faulconer Construction, Assistant Project Manager (Charlottesville, VA)

Leveraging science ​with business

I majored in biology and during that time became familiar with the research process and all that's involved in conducting a thorough analysis. I was able to apply those same concepts to my studies in business at McIntire in order to get the most out of my classes and provide a different perspective in classroom discussions and on case studies.

Most memorable class: Strategy & Systems

My most compelling class was Strategy & Systems with Professors Ira Harris and Barb Wixom. They pushed us to dig deep into the case studies and analyze even the smallest details to find greater meaning. We looked at everything through the lens of "big data" to examine to make the most empirically sound decisions and conclusions. 

Taking advantage of Commerce Career Services

Commerce Career Services was extremely helpful. There were a number of seminars and workshops that prepped me well for the job search and subsequent interviews. Even after finishing the program, I was able to email CCS staff and receive a prompt response to any question.

Advice for future students

Pay special attention to Professor Trey Maxham's Customer Behavior course. We work in an industry that relies heavily on finding and capitalizing upon patterns in customer data, and that class, especially, allowed me to open my eyes to these patterns and learn how to make informed decisions based on the data provided. Finally, enjoy yourselves. You'll work hard and learn a lot during your time at McIntire, but you'll also make friendships and build a network that will last a lifetime.

Importance of the Global Immersion Experience (GIE) 

The most important thing I took from my time at McIntire was a whole new understanding of the world around me, from the global business perspective. Professor Peter Maillet's course on global business really hammered home that businesses do not, and cannot, operate isolated from the rest of the world. A deep understanding of how issues in one part of the world significantly impact another has allowed me to see business in a different light and take that into both my career and daily life.

Most memorable GIE company visit

My most memorable company visit was to Airbus in Toulouse, France. It was incredible to see the expansive infrastructure and technology it takes to build the world's most sophisticated commercial aircraft. So many moving parts, both literally and figuratively, must come together perfectly to produce these enormous planes.

Life after graduate business school

My favorite activities are interval training at MADabolic and grabbing a beer at Fridays after Five after a long work week.