Amy Fisher

M.S. in Commerce 2011 (Marketing & Management), University of Virginia

B.A. in International Studies and Politics 2010, Boston College

After: FTI Consulting, Consultant (Boston, MA)

Now: R3, Partner Lead (New York, NY)

Leveraging international studies with business

As an international studies major, I studied complex interconnected political and economic systems. McIntire expanded the horizon by providing an in-depth understanding of global commerce. For me, business education was the missing piece of the puzzle in learning how the world works.

Most memorable class: Strategy & Systems

Professor Barb Wixom introduced me to the concepts of systems analysis and data analytics. Her passion for harnessing data to solve real-world problems and improve business processes was captivating and led me to pursue a career in the field.

Preparation for a job in business analytics

The program teaches hard skills that are increasingly marketable in today’s competitive job market. I also gained a great deal of confidence in my abilities to analyze numbers and systematically work through problems.

Taking advantage of Commerce Career Services

Commerce Career Services facilitated individualized resume building sessions and networking workshops, and provided access to career resources that were very valuable in my job search. The Commerce Career Fair during the fall semester was an opportunity to use my newly acquired skills in front of prospective employers, followed by resume submissions, interviews, and ultimately an offer with my current firm.

Advice for future students

Hone hard skills and feature them in your resume and cover letters. Realize that your education doesn’t end with graduate school and that you will continue to learn new concepts and skills in the workplace.

Where did you go for the Global Immersion Experience?

Southeast Asia 

Most memorable GIE company visit 

A presentation from Procter & Gamble Asia in Singapore featuring a brand-new business intelligence system was particularly memorable. P&G showed us from their Asia headquarters in Singapore that they can drill to the level of a single distributor’s figures for a single brand in rural China. They demonstrated this drill-down by clicking on portions of charts and infographics. An amazing takeaway from this presentation was that they said that only one year previously, all of this information was shared in paper reports. This visit solidified the power of data helping businesses make real-time decisions on both global and local scales.

Most memorable GIE cultural visit

Experiencing the different cultures in each country and learning how this affects business were fascinating, from the swift, secure efficiency of Singapore, to the organized chaos of transportation in Indonesia, to the cultural melting pot of Hong Kong. Each place provided cultural experiences that opened my eyes to this region of the world, with growing populations and varying infrastructure.

Life after graduate business school

I’m an avid fitness enthusiast and practice Pilates. I ski as much as I can during the winter months in New England, and I am on the water as often as possible during the summer months. I stay involved as a graduate admissions ambassador at UVA and a serve on various alumni committees at Boston College. I recently became the director of membership for the National Association of Women MBAs, Boston Chapter, which is further proof of the M.S. in Commerce degree’s value. The amazing women I work with were intrigued by the McIntire program and accepted me not only as a member, but also into a leadership position.

Favorite Charlottesville activity

Running or hiking up the Monticello trail. A close second would be all of the fabulous vineyards near Charlottesville, especially King Family Vineyard.