Lani Hannah

Lani Hannah

M.S. in Commerce (Business Analytics) 2018, University of Virginia

B.A. in Geography 2016, University of Georgia

After: Customer Success Manager at Clarabridge (Arlington, VA)

Transition from undergrad to graduate school

The transition was pretty smooth. I was a bit apprehensive at first because I had taken a year off before beginning the M.S. in Commerce Program. The few courses we had to take before the program started definitely gave me a flavor of the coursework.

Favorite class

I loved Professor Jeffrey Boichuk's “Customer Analytics” class because I wanted to learn how to use R more proficiently. Before his class, I had some knowledge of R, thanks to Professor Richard Netemeyer's “Advanced Quantitative Analytics” class. I enjoyed learning how to navigate GitHub and push/pull code. In my current role, I use GitHub all the time.

On working in text analytics

I like having my own portfolio of clients. I have a lot of responsibility and enjoy building customer relationships! There's a bit of ambiguity with my current role, so I have to be a bit creative with what I'd like to accomplish. However, the ambiguity provides me with the opportunity to show my manager what I can do to help the team overall.

Advice for those considering a career in text analytics

Text analytics is a growing industry! Consider what kind of industry you think would bring you joy, not just money.

Using the Global Immersion Experience (GIE) to work on diverse teams

GIE helped me break the ice with other coworkers in my current role. I actually work with a largely international team, so being able to understand cultural nuances and how to best work with others has proved to be invaluable.

Most memorable GIE company visit in Southeast Asia

The Nike factory in Vietnam. It wasn't what I expected. I learned so much about the shoe supply chain and what it takes to bring a shoe to market. It was also eye opening to hear about the challenges the company faces in the industry, such as battling counterfeits in the market.

Key takeaway from McIntire

The whole experience—juggling classes, making friends, prepping for GIE—it was all very important. I also built relationships with classmates and professors that I will continue to maintain throughout my career.

Outside of the office

I'm part of a couple rec sports teams (soccer and softball). I’m also currently working towards my open-water dive certification.